I Achieved My Life-Goals At 23. Here Are The 2 Lessons I Learned.

It’s far from being the happy-ending often imagined.

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When I was 7 years old, I established a list of four life-goals I wanted to achieve.

The first one was speaking English fluently. I had been learning colors for a while and it was fun to say that “rouge” actually was “red” in English.

I achieved this goal when I was 19 and left to live in Australia for one year.

I subsequently studied my entire higher education in English and wrote three theses.

It’s safe to say that even though my English isn’t (and will never be) as good as native speakers’, I did achieve my goal.

The second life-goal was to live in Australia for a year as a backpacker.

I got this idea when my dad went to Australia to assist in a car race in Perth. He had come back with a suitcase full of presents, among which giant calendars representing the beauty of Australian nature. That had fascinated me.

This idea never really left me and I realized my dream at 19.

The third goal was to play in at least one movie.

I had begun in the cinema industry as an extra at 11 and had progressively climbed my way to auditions for roles six years later.

I wanted to become an actor and I wanted it bad. By the time I got into my early twenties, I had played in ads, movies, and TV-shows, and subsequently quit after I realized it wasn’t the right path for me.

Finally, my last goal was to find at least one girl to be intimate with, which, while revealing itself to be difficult at the beginning, ended being fulfilled.

What to Do Once You Have Achieved Your Life-Goals

When I blew my birthday candle the year I achieved my last goal, I was confused. I had nothing to wish for.

I could speak English. I had lived in Australia and many other foreign countries after that. I had played in many ads and movies and cinema had become a dead wish for me anyway. I had met great girls that had changed my life for the better.



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