4 Lessons from 2020 I will Carry to 2021

#3 Purchasing Power ≠ Standard of Living

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Welcome to 2021. Yeah….

2020 is over. Weird like it was, it taught many different lessons about the idea of safety, the role of governments, media propaganda, the importance of hanging out with nice people, and the burden of loneliness.

Without any further ado, here are 4 lessons I have learned in 2020 that I will carry with me to 2021.

1. Humans Are Emotional, Not Rational

Yes, I have learned that in 2020. No, I did not know that before.

The pandemic and its subsequent measures outlined a series of paradoxes people were ready to accept without ticking. As such, we have seen a disease that kills overweight people, and to fight it, we closed the gyms.

We forbade people to visit their family friends “for their health”, completely outlooking the mental aspect of it.

We restricted the hours at which people were allowed to shop, increasing the crowds in supermarkets. And we decreased the frequency of public transportation so that there would be more people on the bus than on the normal schedule.

What taught how emotional people were is that most simply abided by the rules while many others denounced their neighbors for not respecting…



Aure's Notes

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