Do It Because You Want To — Not Because of Your Resume

There is more to life than how potential employers perceive you.

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5 min readMar 5, 2021


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Building a resume is now the equivalent of playing Super Mario Run. One needs to collect as many activities and develop as many skills as possible to hope to win the game and free the princess — I mean find a job.

The more lines, activities, and experiences you can line up on your piece of paper, the higher the chances to be “picked out” by potential employers for your dream job.

This has led generations of graduates to join workshops, enter fraternities, and participate in career-oriented events for the sake of “enriching their CV”.

However, these extra-curricular activities seldom turn out to be positive and end up as a drag you’d rather hide rather than a boost. Impressive resumes are a collection of activities oriented towards the same purpose — your purpose. They shouldn’t be a list of workshops you took because “it’s good for the CV”.

Here are 7 other arguments outlining why you should never get into a project for the sole sake of “your resume”.

Life Is Not About Others’ Desires

Don’t choose a hobby for the sake of pleasing other people.

You will suffer because you’ll know you won’t be genuine with yourself. You’ll regret it when you’ll realize whatever activity you applied for does not bring you any fun or interest.

Life is not about molding yourself into who society expects you to be. Instead, life is about fully embracing who you are and pursuing the activities you deem valuable.

You’ll always be more productive to society when you practice something you enjoy than when you don’t.

Doing something only because others expect you to is no good advice. In the end, you alone will pay the price.

Life Is Not About Getting a Job

Yes, not having a job sucks. It’s difficult not to think about it. But you have to remember that the purpose of a job is to earn money so you can live.

Not the other way around.



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